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  • Stiegl Goldbräu 0,33l

    Golden yellow color, fresh hops on the nose, well-balanced acidity on the palate, sweetish finish, very tasty.

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  • Hacker Pschorr Kellerbier Flip Top Bottle 0,5l

    The naturally cloudy cellar beer is often drunk as an alternative to wine. The carbonated beer is easy and pleasant to drink.

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  • Erdinger Urweisse 0,5l

    Of good old Bavarian style.

    Our down-to-earth delicacy: hearty, spicy and with typical Bavarian yeast notes.

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  • Bitburger Drive non alcholic 0,33l

    Tasting notes: The special brewing process with natural ingredients as well as selected nutrients and vitamins are what make the Bitburger 0.0% the perfect refreshment and the ideal alternative to conventional soft drinks and fruit spritzers.

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  • Erdinger alcohol free 0,33l

    The sporty thirst quencher. The alcohol-free Erdinger is a real all-rounder: It has an isotonic effect and quenches thirst in a lively way.

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  • Trumer Pils 0,33l Bottle

    Manufacturer: Trumer Privatbrauerei, Obertrum
    Name: Trumer Pils
    Content: 0.33L / 24
    Category: Pilsner
    Country: Austria
    Analysis: -Alcohol: 4.90% vol
    Tasting notes: Straw yellow, wonderfully flowery and herbaceous hop aroma on the nose, fine pearly and slim on the palate, refreshingly tart, perfectly balanced bitter note, extra dry.
    Award: 96 out of 100 points Falstaff
    Allergens: Contains cereals containing gluten and products made from them

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